The Data Vampires Are Coming!

Bring out the garlic, stakes and sacred bullets! The Data Vampires are coming!

Sound alarmist? Maybe, but Google’s Nest family of Internet of Things devices and Amazon’s Echo are in the vanguard of devices which will stealthily suck data from your home into corporate Big Data clouds. Countless startups and established home automation makers are developing smart data-harvesting IoT devices or the underlying technology for these devices. These innocent-appearing Data Vampires will be able send every trivial event in your “smart” home to a cloud somewhere to be processed by Big Data algorithms. Every time you trigger a motion sensor, open a door, change the temperature in your house, or ask your “social robot” for a recipe, the information will be captured. These simple acts will be recorded in a server somewhere in the cloud and analyzed to learn more about you.

Gary Ebersole, the Open IoT Foundation’s Managing Director, and Randy Schultz, our Marketing Director, decided that consumers needed to be educated about risks to their privacy and even control of their homes. A couple months ago, they embarked on a project to write a book entitled The Rise of the Data Vampires. With the book proposal complete and the first few chapters done, they are ready to present the concept to agents and publishers. Stay tuned for a publication date.

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